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todd 15.04.2016 14:22
Entanglement is the very gravity itself of nature. A property of em; all cases. ps.... virial theorem is a joke. If you need help, let me know. With just the penrose/hammeroff papers, this site could evolve but I think who ever the school leadership is of this site, are about obsolete for this generation.

Dear Todd
Sure, it’s true that “school leadership is of this site, are about obsolete for this generation”. First of all, the founder of this direction was a very mature man…

Michael James Ungs 28.08.2014 05:23
Where does the photon and lepton (eg. neutrino)fit into the theory of matter? There is no mass but there is an associated energy.

Michael!This is waves

SAICON KIM 22.05.2014 14:18
I think that the universe can be described in a simpler way with more common sense, and a unified theory of everything can explain not only all physical phenomena but also the dynamic of life and evolution, including psychological process. I will appreciate your time if you visit the website UNIFIED THEORY: THE BACKGROUND MATTER OF THE UNIVERSE, and give comment. Thank you very much.

Hi Kim! Thank you for your invitation. Your point of view is very original. We'll try to find time to visit your website.

Floyd Baker 17.08.2013 12:31
Hi. I was told a few years ago that earth gravity, inertia and centrifugal/centripetal forces are 'all the same'... That they are gravity but in different forms...

Can you say if that is a true statement in any way..?

Many thanks...


Hi Floyd! We consider earth gravity, inertia, centrifugal/centripetal forces are not different forms of gravity, but they all are electromagnetic phenomenons.
Thanks for your question. Victor G.

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